Thursday, December 9, 2010

Always Wanting for More

Why is it we’re never satisfied? We’re always wanting and waiting nervously for the next phase? I see the good and bad in this. The good is we’re always on the up and up. Looking for bigger and better accomplishments to take our life to the next page, this is the same thing as never looking at a new obstacle with fear and worry in our heart. These types of people will always progress in life. On the flip side, there are also people in the world who are way too content with being stagnant in their life and never wanting more for fear of rejection or failure.

Too much of wanting is a bad thing, but not wanting at all is just as bad. We are supposed to simply LIVE LIFE and not constantly be in a rush to open the next door. If we’re always on the go we will miss some of the most important aspects to our life. God places so many blessings in our life on a daily basis. He can’t also lead a camel to water, it’s up to us to find these beautiful moments and thank him for it. We have to find a middle ground and always remember our blessings and happiness are right THERE. It’s the smell of the air, the cold air running from our nose to our lungs, hearing the sounds of life all around us, maintaining a giving heart and best of all, having friends and family to share it with.

I decided to write this blog because I am at a phase in my life where I want so much more. Today, I’m trying to teach myself to enjoy THIS very moment because there is no telling when or if this moment will be here again. There is definitely good and bad with today, but I will take this any day. It can get so much better than this and I believe in my heart it certainly will. I also have to realize the reality in the same breath is it can get so much worse too. I will smell the roses now and be thankful for it all

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